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For your information and guidance.

10% Bonus on all eCoin Bundles Available Now

Great news! Due to popular demand, we are launching the GameClub Summer Bonus Promo

All eCoin Bundles in the GameClub store will have 10% more eCoins included.

Promo Period: February 25, 2013 - May 5, 2013

**FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING on all orders during the Promo**

Here's the breakdown of the Bonus eCoin Bundles:

1000 eCoin Bundle - now worth 1,100 eCoins for the same price of Php 1,000.00

3000 eCoin Bundle - now worth 3,300 eCoins for the same price of Php 3,300.00

5000 eCoin Bundle - now worth 5,500 eCoins for the same price of Php 5,500.00

10000 eCoin Bundle - now worth 11,000 eCoins for the same price of Php 10,000.00

This is a great deal for both players and resellers. Grab a bundle now, then load your GameClub account or give some to your friends! 

Happy Gaming Everyone!

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